A hero or heroine lives their day to day in what is called ‘Ordinary World’.
Each one lives their routine until something happens, there is a ‘Call to adventure’
a special mission inviting the character to act, to change their life-style with any purpose.

​“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

This project is oriented to be part of the solutions to accomplish the Goals for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations.

In a fairy tale, it would be enough to find a magic bar, formulate a spell and achieve educational equality for all the inhabitants of the world. However, the reality in which we find ourselves presents geopolitical difficulties. In any case we firmly believe that this purpose can be achieved by incorporating the concept of global citizenship, in all possible schools and educational centres.

This is sounding too serious, let us clarify that our way of introducing this concept will be playing that we all are heroes.


The origin of the idea, the seed, the first experience that sprouted this project.


There are two main lines of research to boost and strengthen this community.


Discover the steps to follow in an annual period to improve and grow worldwide.


The gallery helps to maintain the memory of this project, from the first sketches, prototypes and research workshops. These photographs guide the visitor by offering a door to the past open to the origin of Play & Play.

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